Manual Manipulation

A chiropractic adjustment is a manual manipulation of the spinal bones. Chiropractors call this an adjustment because the procedure corrects the positioning and alignment of the vertebral bones. Proper vertebral alignment is very important to a patient’s general health according to chiropractic theory. Some common adjustment techniques used by chiropractors include the following:

• Toggle Drop - this is when the chiropractor, using crossed hands, presses down firmly on a particular area of the spine. Then, with a quick and precise thrust, the chiropractor adjusts the spine. This is done to improve mobility in the vertebral joints.

• Motion Palpation - this hand-on procedure is done to determine if your vertebrae are moving freely in their normal planes of motion.

• Lumbar Roll -the chiropractor positions the patient on his or her side, then applies a quick and precise thrust to the misaligned vertebra, returning it to its proper position.

• Release Work - the chiropractor applies gentle pressure using his or her fingertips to separate the vertebrae.

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